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Hello everybody this is Nicole ocean VP automation group out there doing well I've got super exciting news we have just released a new version of our oil pro software can be danced version let me just show you a quick little snippet this is a demonstration of x 1 I've shown you real quickly this is our enhanced version it's giving he tries to control when you run this macro it's going to take a fraction of the time 30 seconds to run everything and look at how much it filled out now this is an improvement on our older version now because we worked it releases of our auto some pieces of software so let me explain a little of what you see so anything that you can see as a drop-down for a blank box e you control how you want that filled out, and it's very custom it's going to fill out the majority of your form and our goal is that you autofill in your details in under five minutes and with our software this is going to make that possible okay, so this is an example property type occupancy profit condition these type of fields see you guys are controlling some of this fucking machines some of it is um something that you set up one time so should it be here in just a little let me just done show us how much this forms thing filled out when you run our software okay so comments doing designated drop down the way that you want them too wouldn't you decide if there is pretty huge there's so much monotony so much repetition in forms that when your run is pretty much building as a template but again the way that you want it and so you're deciding on the back end what you want at these fields that you can see here anything bad it doesn't foreign it's not supposed to because it changes from one order to another and so this part information is something that you have put in after running tomorrow it shouldn't take much time and textbook research, so you're going to know when you run this you have a majority of the form being filled out exactly the way that you want it, and you fly right through that process it's going to help you complete a ton more BPO's make more money be less frustrated and hopefully be able to have more of a social life family life even be able to have some more personal time get your work done faster okay Oh everything you can see here in the top down the blue boxes is going they you the way that you put it with your own in to come out of excellence our software scrubs information printed out makes calculations so when you run our macro is the best it's out there interval industry we're pride making sure that our software is to date completely accurate as fast as possible hands down I think we beat any of the competitors and especially now with our enhanced version of our Auto Show software alright, so you can see here it's in pretty much everything you're going to be able to decide on a lot of fields upwards soon it's going to be filling in on various forms upwards to 120 of these different peoples which you can see here at example and...


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    With pdfFiller, you may easily complete and sign bpo forms download online. It lets you modify original PDF material, highlight, blackout, erase, and write text anywhere on a page, legally eSign your document, and do a lot more. Create a free account to handle professional papers online.
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    You can easily create and fill out legal forms with the help of the pdfFiller mobile app. Complete and sign bpo template form and other documents on your mobile device using the application. Visit pdfFiller’s webpage to learn more about the functionalities of the PDF editor.
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